Scenario 1

Study Hard, Party Safe

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The Usual Suspects

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Scenario 2

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

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The Blame Game

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Hookup Apps

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Scenario 3

I'm Bringing Consent Back

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Rookie Campus Fails

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Being a Good Classmate

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If you ever desire any information regarding the Sexual Misconduct Policy or training opportunities on your campus, the following is a list of UHS Title IX Coordinators. If you have any concerns about sex discrimination, sexual misconduct specifically, please contact one of the following offices.

UH - Main Campus

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Richard Anthony Baker

Assistant Vice Chancellor/ Vice President


UH - Clear Lake

Title IX Coordinator

Corey J. Benson, M.Ed.

Title IX Coordinator and Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action


UH - Downtown

Title IX Coordinator for Employees

Ivonne Montalbano, MBA, SPHR

Vice President for Employment Services and Operations


Title IX Coordinator for Students

Tommy N. Thomason, M.Ed

Student Conduct Officer/Title IX Coordinator


UH - Victoria

Title IX Coordinator

Rebecca Lake

Title IX and Equal Opportunity Coordinator